Money Making Videozer


Earnings table for each 1,000 view counts

Country* / Length 1 – 10 mins 11 – 45 mins 46 – 120 mins 121 mins +
A $6 $13 $20 $25
B $4 $10 $16 $20
C $2 $6 $12 $15
D $0.5 $2 $6 $7

*Country Groups:

A.United States, Canada, United Kingdom
B.France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan
C.Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Brazil, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
D.All Others

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